There are a real range of locksmith services we can offer you today. Not all locksmiths will be able to do these for you, but because we have so much experience and have been around for so long we have developed our skills and expanded our services into near areas. We want to offer as comprehensive as possible a locksmith service, one that encompasses every lock-related and security need our customers may have. Look below to see a summary of what we can do for you today, but remember that if you have concerns it is best to call us! We can advise you specifically on what we can do for you and guarantee we will be able to help.

Lock changes, repairs and installations

Have you had someone leave the home recently? If there are multiple keyholders to your house and you’ve had a change of circumstance we’d recommend that you get yourself a lock change today. It’s better to limit keyholders to your house as a rule, but especially if you are unsure who still has a key or they have left in hostile circumstances it’s best to get a chance so that you are the only key holder. We’d also recommend a lock change when you have old locks that are wearing out. This will be more efficient for you long term as the new lock will be robust, but also will provide a quick security update for you!


Speaking of security, our experienced locksmiths can use their practised eye to give you a security survey today. We know what weak spots in homes look like and what could be exploited by burglars. After performing the survey we are able to sit down with you and discuss your options. All the upgrades and changes we can make will be completely tailored to your concerns, budget and home. It can be as simple as an anti-snap lock installation on your door, or a security chain. Whether you’re a local business owner or a home owner, there is something new for you.

Lock outs

Being the most common call out that we get as a 24 hour local locksmith, we make it easy for customers to get back inside their homes in no time at all. We respond to calls within 1-2 hours maximum and it helps that being local we know the fastest route to you. Our expert locksmiths can perform a lock change on the spot as they come equipped with all the right tools. We have our approach to resolving lock outs completely sorted and provided that you call on us first we will be the fastest in the area to get you back inside.

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